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thinking about The Insects

Lately, I’ve been thinking about The Insects, and what a bad deal they get from us humans. It seems the smaller you are, the less we (us humans) care. If  you’re say dog-sized and…er a dog, you are noticed and either … Continue reading

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The late arrival of the new.

For us young kids, the time before the 60’s was a slow elongated, nightmare. We wore our Father’s hand-me-downs, were still on some war rations and listened to George Formby and Vera Lynn. There was a feeling that something was … Continue reading

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You, my American friends

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anymore about the way you, my America friends are going about destroying yourselves. Unfortunately, because the UK is doing much the same thing at the moment, silence is becoming impossible. [I promise after … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the Future?

Most of what we as kids used to think about as ‘the future’ has to some degree, happened. We’ve got our ‘Dan Dare’ communications devices but they’re now called mobile/cell phones (sorry Dan). We’re very close to the ‘jet packs’ … Continue reading

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