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Heart is where the thin tube is.

Yesterday was a big day for me…but before I get on to that let me say one thing. If there are any of you out there due to go into hospital for an Angiogram…have no fear. It’s OK and it … Continue reading

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Looking after your Husband

Looking after your husband. What every Woman should know…but (unfortunately *the memsahib) doesn’t. Read and digest.

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‘Wearable Technology’…you mean a watch?

According to my wearable technology…my er…Fit-Bit. I died twice last night and this afternoon during a brief lie-down I had apparently climbed 568 stairs. This is the equivalent of an up and down trip in the Leaning Tower of Pisa. … Continue reading

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How to handle Computer failure my way.

Aaagh. Had a bit of a shock yesterday. Computer failure! But did I panic? Yes I did. Of course it was nothing like the old days where computer failure meant when you got the dreaded blue screen. The days when … Continue reading

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Take pride in calling yourself a Technophobe?

If there’s a kind of people who really gets my goat (what a stupid expression. I don’t have a goat?)it’s the people who take pride in calling themselves Technophobe The kind of person who, when confronted with a row of … Continue reading

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