Has Dr Who jumped the Shark?

dr who

I don’t usually do critiques of the entertainment world but seeing as recent and unending Doctor Who hype really got my goat (below), I decided I couldn’t let matters lie.

advertising in all its forms gets my goat

        My Goat

What I really got fed up with was never-ending over-the-top publicity that The Doctor was going to be a woman. So, I only have to say two things to say about the gender change.

1. About time.

2. So what?

I’m afraid when that all important episode arrived every element of surprise had been sucked-dry and done to death. Talk about being hoisted by your own petard. The BBC publicity department or whatever they are called really messed that one up and should have left it alone when the last episodes of Capaldi’s reign aired.

We ended up knowing everything there was to know about the female Doctor. What she looked like, sounded like, most of her mannerisms, the only thing they left us to discover was the awfulness of her performance.

A very bad actorly performance with a constant ‘Look at me I’m the new doctor’ trend running through the whole episode, its only saving grace was being constantly reminded that this was Children’s TV and not too expect too much.

The writing/dialogue was terrible with everyone involved doing nothing but expressing surprise all of the time, about everything. Absolutely, exhausting. There was not an ounce of wit to be seen. It was one gigantic cliché. From the construction of something marvellous out of old electrical junk (again) to a bad guy straight out of a marvel comic.

OK, so this was the first episode for the female Doctor and she has huge shoes to fill. But if she continues with the repetitious dialogue delivered breathlessly it will be a ‘NO’ from me.

And another thing. Does she really need that many assistants? Maybe there’s a plan afoot to kill a companion off per episode thus upping the sympathy count. One down (this episode) three to go.

One more thing…it’s going to be interesting how they continue the references to Ryan’s *dyspraxia, or was it a one-off? Or perhaps someone will develop something else?

*Surely The Doctor could cure him?

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