Day in Court? Forget it. Wealthy only need apply.

justiceYou would have thought that in a country that prides itself for its human rights record, the UK’S path to Justice would be unhindered. Unfortunately, that is not so. If you want something as basic as a fair hearing, you have to pay.

Today’s rant comes curtesy of my daughter who like so many (men & women) caught up in the unpleasant machinations and after effects of divorce, can not afford to pay for her day in court. Which leads to the obvious, no pay = no day = no representation = you lose. A total injustice and in my view, criminal.

If there is one thing in this Country and other countries that shout loudly that they are ‘civilised’ is the undeniable right to Justice. If that is not available to every man and woman whatever their circumstances, then forget it. Said country is just a backwater and undeserving of any claim to fame and progress.

My daughter wants to move her children down the road a few hundred miles to be nearer her family. Her ex doesn’t want to travel the extra distance to see the children he left and is taking my daughter to court in an attempt to stop her. She, cannot afford a solicitor to represent her in court…so?

Once upon a time, money was available for those who couldn’t afford a solicitor, now thanks to Government policies that I simply do not understand, help has more or less been withdrawn.

For the wealthy the doors to the courtroom are wide open. For my daughter they are barely ajar.

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