There really is such a thing as ‘The Dark Side’.

the original MarvinI can’t be the only one to be thinking that there really is such a thing as ‘The Dark Side’. I mean, it’s all a bit of a mess isn’t it? At the moment it’s like what Marvin the Paranoid Android might describe as, ‘Life? Don’t talk to me about life’.

I’m quite an old geezer now and I honestly can’t remember the last time it, (‘it’ being the state we’re in) felt like this.

Actually, I can, it was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Very ‘The Dark Side’. That was the last time I felt so helpless and convinced that the world was about to implode. Difference was I was a kid then, so I could look away and concentrate on other things like wondering, when the hell would I experience this sex thing that all my friends were talking about?

The troubles we are experiencing now are a real pain because (in my case) they colour everything that I try to do. I have a depressive personality (’personality’ Ha!) anyway, so it doesn’t take much to help me find that damp, dark room that resides somewhere in the darkest recesses of my mind. For me there’s always been a huge wet blanket hovering, ready to be called in at a moment’s notice to dampen any joyful thoughts down.

For example, this must be the hundredth miserable post I’ve written where I have to write those destructive words, ‘Trump’ and ‘Brexit’. And I’m sorry about that…but, needs must, strong is the dark side here. I know full well that I should be writing a play or something that raises a smile but unfortunately, no, the rankness appears to be spreading and taking root…again. And yes, I’ve taken my pills but they don’t seem to be doing a lot these days.

So, what to do?

How does one pull oneself out of this all-consuming quicksand?

The thoughts I have concerning the monster that is Trump I’m afraid include death and destruction. It’s been a long time since I’ve wished the worst on a fellow human being and it really doesn’t make one feel any better, but how else do you get rid of a disease-ridden bug? I am indeed experiencing a pull ‘towards the dark side’ and I know, it is nothing to be proud of. But…wishing the most terrible revenge on a man-monster who had spread hatred willy-nilly seems to be justified.

[You know what, I’ve even been looking out for combinations of 666 within his history so that it can be proven Trump is The Beast written of in the Bible]. SAD.

The same with Brexit.

I wish nothing but ill on its perpetrators and supporters. We’re going over a cliff and it’s a self-inflicted injury.

The desperation I feel is over-powering. I’m desperate to find someone who can tell me what the plan is and what good will come out of it. I’ve asked and I’ve asked but apart from being constantly insulted (‘Remoaner’), no-one has answered my simple question, ‘What good can I expect from leaving the EU’?

The truth is isn’t it…that no-one knows? And isn’t it also true that most people who voted ‘Leave’ did so because they saw it as a way of booting Johnny Foreigner out of the country. (‘The dark side’ they saw was the colour of a person’s skin).

What a sad state of affairs.

We seem to have forgotten what a true asylum seeker is and forgotten the answer to the all-important question, ‘What would you do if your country were torn apart by war and the death and torture of your children was a real possibility’? ‘Wouldn’t you do all that you could to take them to a place of safety’? ‘And wouldn’t you expect to be welcomed there and helped?’

So much hatred abounds that I can only deduce that it is in fact a sickness. A mental illness. We are all the same breed. Human. Yet, try to tell that to some and its water off a duck’s back. Like they’re programmed for hatred.

Oh well, I don’t know.

I really don’t. This has been one of those rambling posts that is neither one thing or the other. Sorry you have had to listen/read it.

[I don’t know why I’m apologising because of course you didn’t have to read this far. You could have stopped reading after the first paragraph, if not sooner].

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