Advertising, in all its forms

advertising in all its forms gets my goat

My Goat

As a life-long Curmudgeon and miserable bar-steward one of the many things that gets my goat is advertising, in all its forms.

The thing that has always puzzled me is the fact that I have always assumed that it must work. Otherwise, why would manufacturers put aside such vast sums of their profits to show off their products, advertising in newspapers and TV?

Does it work?

Haven’t we, the consumer become so used to these ‘interruptions’ (advertising is everywhere, driving to work, watching TV, reading a newspaper etc), in our lives that we have become, ‘immune’ to their messages? Or, worse, do we in fact take on board everything that they tell us and store it away somewhere in a damp and fetid room somewhere in the arse-end of our brain?(Which, by the way might suggest that sooner of later we are going to need a brain de-frag before our heads explode)?

Advertising is as old as the hills.

It’s the most perfectly natural thing to do if you have a product to sell.

However, I believe it has all become too much. I believe that advertising has become so much the norm, that its effectiveness decreases year by year. Perhaps the only reason it doesn’t die and go away for good in its present form, is the fact that the manufacturers have no idea what to replace it with? (Product placement? Discuss).

My personal hates…

What I hate the most is the fact that there are some who say (mostly ad execs), that the positive side of advertising enhances your life experience with information, there-bye, increasing your choice. That advertising is an information service that informs you of what is available in a particular area that you might be interested in.

So, for example, if chocolate is your thing, then your life experience will be enhanced by knowing that there are numerous types of chocolate just waiting for you to stuff down your throat. Not only Kit-Kat but Flakes. And not only that, in the case of television advertising they (the advertising execs), will compose for your entertainment a story around the brand they are working with, so you are drawn in and above all, aren’t bored. That of course, is Bollocks. Most of these ‘stories’ bear no relevance whatsoever to normal (me) people’s lives are, in my view disrespectful, false and operate like the National Lottery i.e. ‘What if?’.

The ad execs have lost the plot.

They have been snake-oil salesmen/women for so long they really believe they have ‘influence’.

And the customer, the execs target, have been battered visually and audibly for so many years that although they ‘accept’ the place of advertising in their lives, they have developed the ability to ‘switch off’. They do not ‘see’ anymore. Unfortunately, the side effect to this is that like trained monkeys, take away their (the customers) advertising, stop the flickering images, bright sparkly things and crazy soundtrack and they will suddenly ‘awake’, wondering what is wrong.

We have become, to use medical parlance, ‘zombified’.

I think advertising is on the wane in its effectiveness. It will, I am quite convinced (apart from some consumers) be the death of certain television channels.

I can’t be the only one who in thrall of a good film, or engrossed in an episode of anything that requires a modicum of concentration gets angry when his ‘mood’ is broken by an advert for a car or coco pops, and just turns off in desperation?

All you need to know about Advertising.

And here’s some more advertising…you have a choice to click it or not.

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