You, my American friends

you, my american friends

    You, my American friends.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anymore about the way you, my America friends are going about destroying yourselves. Unfortunately, because the UK is doing much the same thing at the moment, silence is becoming impossible.

[I promise after this, a lull].

I have been told that being a Brit means, America’s self-destruction is ‘nothing to do with me’ and for a time there was a part of me that understood that. But hey, what is it they say, ‘when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold’ rings (although for not much longer), rings true.

Anyway, this piece is a reaction to the Tweets and Facebook posts from our cousins (yes you, my American friends) over the Atlantic who keep apologising for Trump. To them I have to say, it is too late. The ball is in your court. Meanwhile we watch and weep. Rather than apologising, you should be organising.

Protest, protest, protest.

Maybe, take a leaf from the UK’S playbook (‘playbook’, an Americanism that seems to be cropping up rather a lot these days) and protest. And by ‘protest’, I mean take to the streets (continually).

You used to do it, you my american friends. You had it in you once. I remember the Civil Rights marches. The Vietnam protests. You were quite good at it for a while. Then of course there was ‘Kent State University’. Which leads me to wonder that public protests are rare now because of the proliferation of guns and the fear of being shot? Or perhaps it’s the militarisation of the forces of law and order (and fat, thick policemen).

I understand…I think.

Over here in the UK we get to see excerpts from ‘Fox and Friends’ and we hear comments from a variety of Trump supporters, all of which are baffling in their love of trump and the odd things he is doing.

A part of me recognises the fact that a country like yours (and mine) might welcome a leader who does not fit the bill of the usual politician. (Like Obama did)? But for pity’s sake such a huge and important job requires a modicum of intelligence doesn’t it? You really want a President whose life experience includes numerous bankruptcies, a dubious private life and a 5-time draft dodger to boot. These, by the way are facts. This is what your man is made of.

And the lying, my God the in-your-face lying to you, my American friends. Take job growth (amongst other things he has claimed are his doing). True. But it started in and with the Obama presidency. Look it up. Read. Search for the Truth.

The playing around with facts is astounding. The lies are breath-taking. The removal of benefits (monetary or otherwise) from the ordinary citizens (veterans) of the U.S.A , unbelievable. And still, still they praise the Teflon Don.

Like Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving.

Like lemmings hurtling of the cliff edge, cheering at their own demise.

Perhaps the most amazing thing of all, is how blatant Trump’s actions are. The recent cosy-ing up to Putin is a fine example. Trump actually criticises America in front of Putin, yet nothing happens. A few dissenting voices…then nothing.

Trump fiddles – Rome burns.

Of course, everything I have said has been said before. Many times. And I say it again because I am absolutely astonished at the American people’s inaction. And yes, I accept that the ballot box is your best (traditional) weapon, but at the rate the destruction is happening there may not be a democracy to use it in.

You, my American friends do not appear to believe in anything unless its been on TV. You seem to rate Trump because of that reason. Validity for you, comes with high TV ratings.

So watch ‘The Walking Dead’. Then ask yourselves, ‘Who are the Zombies’? They are you, my American friends…you.

You, my American friends are a strange brew. A brew that doesn’t recognise the many fine components it is made of. A brew that you should be getting drunk on. Celebrating.

Instead of digging at your roots you should be blossoming.

Let’s face it, you, my American friends. You have no idea who you are, do you?

You, my American friends,

learn about the USA.

Read books.

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