Whatever happened to the Future?

dan dare - the futureMost of what we as kids used to think about as ‘the future’ has to some degree, happened. We’ve got our ‘Dan Dare’ communications devices but they’re now called mobile/cell phones (sorry Dan). We’re very close to the ‘jet packs’ that we all desperately wanted, except for safety reasons they won’t be jets, more likely drone-like. Transportation has over the years been transformed insomuch that cars don’t just come in black and the milkman’s electric float (who would have thought) has led the way towards proper electric propelled vehicles that go faster than 3 mph. We had hope and ‘impossible dreams’, something I don’t see this in this generation which leads me to wonder, whatever happened to the future?

All in all, and in a relatively short period of time, ‘our’ (50’s kids) dreams have come true.

I am still waiting for my ray-gun (I hear they are in development) and was always a bit disappointed that astronaut’s helmets weren’t of the all-round clear glass fish-bowl type (Dan Dare again), but hey I can live with that.

What I’m really concerned about are the kids of today and their dreams.

What do they hope for in the future?

I have a bus load of grandchildren and I honestly do not know how they see the future. I’m not talking about the state of the world here as that I think (I’m sad to say), is a given. I’m talking about every day mechanical and technological breakthroughs that will make life easier or at the very least, fun.

When I watch my grandkids play, I see and hear nothing new. There’s of course variations on themes, especially on war-type games.  ‘Cowboys & Indians’ ie bad guys and good guys, scenarios where guns and ‘killing’ figure highly, still exist, but nothing that introduces me to anything new. (Why would it? As long as conflict exists).

The grand-kids have even got their ‘Meccano’. No sharp edges and in the more modern form of ‘Lego’ (+ other types) so construction in all its variations has not gone away.

The only thing I can deduce from my observations is that all kids require is simplicity in things. And leave the rest to them.

Of course, there are some that would say that kids today are very different. That one only has to look at what they play a lot of their games on…mobile phones and computers…

The interesting thing here is to look at what they are actually playing. To my mind, just, technically up-market versions of Snakes & Ladders.

I have to conclude that kids are the same no-matter what generation (now and in the future)…except perhaps for one vital difference.

Unlike us kids from the 50’s the kids of today appear to have an inbuilt sense that ‘anything is possible’. Unlike us however, they don’t get too excited about it. It’s almost as though they expect it.

‘It’ becoming less an exciting possibility and more a sense of entitlement.


Read up on my hero – Dan Dare and his arch-enemy The Mekon.

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