‘…and it came to pass that the darkness descending upon the land bought Brexit, Trump & Murdoch’

Trump, Farage, Bannon darkness descendingYou know me. I’m not what you would call an over-dramatic kind of person (*cough. OK apart from the title of this piece ‘…and it came to pass that the darkness descending upon the land bought Brexit, Trump & Murdoch’ and the fact that I carry a fan for use in this hot weather). But hey…you’d have to be a pack of lard to not feel that something is afoot. That something is occurring. Or to put it another way, ‘The Orcs are Coming’.

A few short months ago everything felt, just so. I’m not saying everything was right with the world but at the very least you had the most powerful person in the world being able to string two words together. Someone who at least gave the appearance of intelligence. Now, our future is in the hands of an idiot. But not only that…

He has been joined by other idiots…(darkness descending)

Flesh-bags whose very DNA is formulated to destroy and spread hatred amongst heir own species. And like some alien invasion, they have appeared at every level of society, on every continent. From Robinson to Farage. Trump, Bannon etc, etc. All determined to make a world in their own image. Full of bile, hatred and green slimy stuff. It’s as though the call has gone out that the time has come to rise again (and the code word was ‘Brexit’). And sure enough, the disruption has begun…

  • On the streets, in the form of racism and the kind of nationalism that stinks. 
  • To the higher echelons of society like government, where lying and deceit has become the norm.
  • Note also, the wearing down of those forces that keep descent and disaster at bay.
  • See how the forces of law and order (police, justice system including courts, probation etc) have been weakened.
  • Notice, how the population’s attention has been diverted, manipulated.

For example, instead of keeping our eyes on the ball and ‘seeing’ the steady infiltration of the enemy, we tend to look the other way. Our priorities lay on ours and our loved one’s health as we watch horrified at the Nation Health System being dismantled. Let down by those we trusted (The Tories) with its upkeep and well-being.

Look at Brexit and the confusion and darkness descending.

I swear by all that is Holy, I would go for the damn thing if was good for the country. What red-blooded patriot wouldn’t? But here we are, totally confused. (And I will speak for myself here) Not knowing what Brexit means. What it entails and in what way will it benefit me and mine? 

And look, there, (surprise, surprise), following along in its wake, the disruption I described earlier. The racism, the desire to ‘fix’ what isn’t broken and of course the lies and king-sized deception. You don’t have to be religious to understand the wisdom in these words… ‘You will know them by their fruits’.

The enemies of the people cling tightly on. Their fingernails dug deeply into a swirling dark mass of the unknown whilst plying their wares out in the open. In plain sight. Feeding off the confusion. Our Total Enemies, using their interpretation of the term ‘Free Speech’, to remove our right to justice and equality.

We watch with disbelief as these bitter, power-mad ‘personalities’ are given platforms by what were once revered institutions (BBC-The Press), to spread their poison. Once revered but now nothing more than infiltrated.

It’s actually possible now, to see our enemies freely displaying the breath-taking arrogance that in more usual times would have marked the beginning of their downfall.

So, what should we do?

Me in my pathetic weakness have always looked for the figure-head. The man or woman who can rally the troops and take the germs on. However, I worry that the time has passed for such a romantic vision because I see no-one.

Of course, there are one or two strident, intelligent voices (Keir StarmerGina Miller?) that I admire for their courage and ability to face the enemy, but their flags fly on other masts.

So, for now, I think we are lost or at the very least, we are losing. We are wandering in the desert. We are a confused people and I for one am a little frightened. I worry that until the emergence of a ‘super-hero’ and the retreat of the new-ignorance back under their stones we have, to use a horrible expression, to ‘suck it up’. I hope I am wrong. And that we don’t have to hit rock-bottom before there is change.

 In my view although it feels very much like we are retreating, we do not stop fighting. There is no dishonour in retreat. It is the time when we re-organise, re-assess and hopefully decide to change our tactics. In other words we must stop being so damn polite. No more Mr Nice Guy.

And yes…perhaps it is time for a new, fresh, political party to show their colours and let in light to thwart the darkness descending…


The real ‘enemies of the people?’

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