It smells like treason and it makes me feel uncomfortable…like something is coming.

What a very strange time to be alive. There’s something in the air. And it’s not good. It smells like treason and it makes me feel uncomfortable…like something is coming. It reminds me of that time many years ago when the Russians were building up their war machine on Cuba and President Kennedy told them to remove their missiles…or else. I was a kid, but I remember clearly the sense of foreboding that we all shared. We were all convinced we were about to be incinerated.

And now here we are again. Not necessarily facing an atomic bomb-type war but seemingly surrounded by enemies that promise something similar (if that’s possible). Enemies close at hand. Traitors and treason in our own camp. Around our camp fire, sharing our sausages. 

The man Trump, aka ‘The Manchurian Candidate’.

It’s like he has been nurtured, trained even to fulfil the role and the type of POTUS he is today.Trump treason It’s as if an astute and wise someone, a long time ago realised that like advertising, a human-being could be used to ‘sell’ to a section of the public who in this case felt that they had been ignored for most of their life. A section of the public (and yes, I know this sounds elitist), who through their own shortcomings are indeed, ‘unrepresented’ and ripe for picking and manipulation.

Trump’s people.

They don’t read newspapers or books. They think an argument is two people shouting at each other, where ‘the winner’ is he who shouts loudest or strikes the first blow. The word ‘debate’ means nothing to them. They exist/react on gut reaction and trust in the ‘education’, ‘the university of life’ has provided them with. A ‘university’ where there were no lectures, essays, or discussions. Only a graduation where the blowhards and the liars received the highest accolades. Into the world armed with ignorance they smash their way in, ignoring facts and truth as they go. Bulls (Bullies) in china shops, spreading a doctrine where ‘Success’ is measured in monetary terms and how many people you can ‘lord’ it over. 

They are ignorant because they ignored their proper education (perhaps through no fault of their own) and are not aware of the fact that they have choices. The one choice that they did have, was to listen or not. To their teachers. Their peers. Anyone. They chose the latter. They chose, ‘or not’. And now they are ripe. Ready to be gathered from the foot of the tree from which they fell. Trump will tell them what to think and how they should feel. No thought or hard work needed on their part. Easy.


Let’s face it. A whole bunch of Sleeper Agents have been fed the Code Words (it smells like treason?) and have been woken from their slumbers. 

The likes of Trump (from now on and for ever more, known as The Manchurian Candidate), Farage, some minor players within the UK and American governments, news organisations, (BBC?) etc, etc. All traitors. To the core.

From whence they came and who bankrolls them is a little more difficult, although *fascism seems to be gathering more traction as the days pass.

Democracy is under threat of that there is no doubt. Because Democracy allows time to pass as it gathers proof against its enemies, they (our enemies) have time to entrench and disrupt until they are outed. Therefore, we have to resist. We have to fight back. Time is short and above all, the rules have changed. We may not realise it yet, but this is rapidly becoming a fight for our lives. Because of this I would suggest that in the words of Malcolm X, we continue this battle using ‘By any means necessary’.

*could this (Trump) have been Hitler’s plan B and Putin connections a red herring? (What d’ya think InfoWars?)

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