The Russians & the World Cup.

footballJust a quick one to say that in case you have been wondering I have just (a few hours ago returned from a holiday in Cornwall) but more about that later. For now I want to expose ‘the powers that be’ (Putin/russians) and the dirty tricks they have used to influence the huge TV audience watching the World Cup.

Namely the crafty placing of numerous attractive nay, beautiful young women on the terraces.

It is obvious to me, that there is not a nation in the world who has that many beautiful, young, nubile young women amongst of all things, its football supporters. Throughout every game where there has been a lull in the action the cameras inevitably swing in the direction of a gasping, even weeping beautiful so-called supporter.

I must be honest here and admit that the reasoning behind these tactical beauty placements are beyond me. It would not surprise me however, to find that they (the young ladies) serve some sort of psychological purpose. As we well know, the Russians are past masters in pushing their enemies into disarray and panic (see novichok)  at the drop of a hat. It is well-known that the Russians are willing to win at any cost. So it follows that the use of the fairer sex to, if not to distract the players (unlikely) but to sway supporters watching on television is obviously not beyond them.

I hereby call on FIFA to investigate.

I would like to, at this point, say how proud I am of the Brit supporters. Because of their gumption, spunk and loyalty, not one of these attractive females has managed to infiltrate the British ranks of supporters. God save the Queen.


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