The nature of evil.

I do not have a brain the size of a planet. I am neither philosopher nor commentator (OK..a little commentating now and again). Unlike the president I do not have ‘the best words’ close at hand and I sometimes struggle to get my point across. So, forgive me, if I waffle on a bit about the nature of evil…it’s like this…

I am, at the moment, convinced that evil is having its day.

How this works I have no explanation. It might be something to do with the stars? Or how the planets align? Maybe its God? God deciding that we all need a bit of a shake up, so He’s allowed that well known fallen angel a turn at the wheel. I don’t know. But something is not quite right. I can feel it in my bones.

Can you? Or am I the only one?

Something is amiss.  To get a little bit Biblical here, let me say that it feels like ‘a darkness has descended upon the land’. Stones have been upturned and the inhabitants of those dark, damp places are emerging out into the sunlight. In short, they’re not bothering to hide anymore. They know also that it is their day. Their time. So much so, that they are declaring their presence and modus operandi,  openly.

For me to describe what I mean by ‘evil’, I would have to personalise it. Give it human form as it were. I would have to simplify it, which is in fact a good thing because evil is, simple. There are no complications with evil. 

Hitler for example, was simple. I don’t mean lacking in intelligence I mean, what he wanted and the means of his delivery were, simple. He spoke in a simple tongue. His speeches and therefore his hatred, were designed to be understood by the many. He merely reflected and amplified his listeners own thoughts back at them. There was nothing stealthy about him or his cohorts. And to the outside world they simply lied about what they were doing.  They lied so that while everyone outside was trying to fathom what was actually going on, they missed the fact that it was all there, in plain sight. Sheer unadulterated, evil.

When a man/woman disengages themselves from the rest of humanity, for example when they disregard a whole section of humanity to further their own aims, (i.e. Hitler and the Jews) they are, evil personified. Simple as that. They can deny, lie and try to shift the focus off their evil deeds but in the end, there is one clear rule, ‘by their fruits you shall know them’.

They have no escape from the truth but neither do they want it. Their ‘trick’ is to ‘share’ responsibility. In other words…Delegate. Promote people to positions of so-called responsibility so that it appears that the commands, the orders are coming from their mouths. Delegate and turn away. Keep the hatred going for as long as possible with the hope that the final retribution, when it comes, will fall on the shoulders of their henchmen and women.  More evil.

Trump is evil. By his fruits you have known him. Plain and simple. Be it women, children or anyone who he feels is not ‘american’, these are the collateral damage of his bid for power and wealth. Trump does not care because he doesn’t know how to. Empathy is a mystery to him. Wealth is all and everyone has their price, especially the Republican Party who appear to be supporting him by their silence.

One thing is sure. There will come a time when he will be moved on to become just another part of history. His time will be up and those left will have to tend to the wounds.  Of that there is no doubt.

But when will this happy day arrive? Who knows, is the answer. Personally, I feel he will continue for some time, fiddling while Rome burns. But he will be toppled eventually, for that is the way of things.

 The real question is, will he ever face justice for his misdeeds? Will he pay for his sins? I doubt it very much. I think he will retreat into the darkness to live a comfortable life off of his ill-gotten gains. Forever despised but never able to fully understand why.

What do you think?

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