One guess and one guess only…what’s trending in the UK at the moment?

I’ll give you one guess and one guess only to this question.

If you were to go to Google this very moment and ask it, ‘What is trending in the UK at this moment?’ What do you think the answer would be?

Here’s a clue…football

Time starts now…tick, tick, tick, tick…


And the answer is…you guessed it…FOOTBALL. There’s a surprise. Who would have thunked it?

Football, football, football…but wait what’s this…oh yes. More…Football.

Now don’t get me wrong. There ain’t nothing wrong with the so-called ‘beautiful game’. When it’s played properly. And by that I mean when the millionaire players in the top teams aren’t throwing themselves to the floor claiming horrendous injury or near-death experience. The game does indeed touch on the ‘beautiful’ when real ball skills are on show and not player acting prowess.

 It occurs to me that if for just one moment the teams of 22 different hair-styles can resist kicking the legs away from their opponents then indeed, the game can become a joy to watch. And I say this as a fair-weather fan. Put the play-acting to one side and football can be fantastic to behold.

I call myself a ‘fair-weather fan’ because I don’t watch er…normal (UK) football (i believe it’s called ‘league football). I will however, plant myself on the sofa with crisps and nuts to watch most things World Cup. This is different. There is joy. And celebration. Music even. And for once the fans don’t appear to want to behead each other. They even appear to delight in each others company (None of this applies to the British who don’t appear to know how to mix with er…Johnny Foreigner. Hence Brexit).

I hate the so-called loyalty of the UK fan, with his anger, bitterness and dialogue that goes beyond ‘banter’. An anger, bitterness that regularly destroys the very thing they profess to ‘love’, i.e. the game.

The very fact that UK fans get injured (even killed) on a regular basis must say something if not about how cynically the game is played over here, then the kind of people it attracts. People, I’m sorry to say that have something missing in their sad lives, though as I’m not a social scientist I can’t put a finger on it. I would however hazard a guess and say I wonder if it’s something to do with the need to belong.  Perhaps they are aware that in general society rejects them and their inabilities. Maybe it’s only on the terraces that they feel truly free to express their ignorance and give reign to their ‘opinions’/ignorance. I don’t know.  

I suppose, we should be glad about the current state of UK football.  Think about it, if we didn’t have the British fans preoccupied with British football, we’d have the Zombie Apocalypse.

(And I wonder how long that would take to start trending)?

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