Warning: Facebook spat over vulture and dying baby.

Having a bit of a Facebook spat at the moment concerning that infamous/awful photograph of a vulture waiting to peck the eyes out of a dying little black baby.

If you haven’t seen it, take a deep breath…

I won’t go into too many details but my argument is with the Christians who have commented on my friend’s page (who incidentally is a Bishop in the Church of England). Christians whose words fall into the definition, glib and nonsensical.

Comments like this…

  • ‘Unfortunately the camera only records visible light, otherwise it would show God lying with the child’.
  • ‘God has blessed us so we can pick the hungry and thirsty child up’.  
  • ‘Love the comments…my own thoughts ‘not what I give to a poor hungry child or adult but what they can give to me’…look into their eyes and see the eyes of Jesus’.

I have to say that I found all the comments not only appalling but meaningless. But perhaps worse than that, exclusive. Written code-like so that only a ‘chosen few’ would find any real meaning. How they expect to recruit to the cause I don’t know. I’m surprised there isn’t a secret handshake.

I say at the beginning of this piece that it was a Facebook spat but actually that is not quite true. I made it clear how I felt on my friend’s page and not surprisingly, no-one responded. To be fair, perhaps ignoring me was ‘Christian love’ at its best? That by ‘letting the poor boy get it out of his system, God will forgive him’, was an act of Christian generosity? Either that or there was no sensible come-back available. I think I’ll go for the latter.

Anyway. For me as a very ex-priest I was (as usual), left with the same major question that contributed to me leaving the Priesthood. That question being, ‘What is God for?’ (I guess we don’t want to go into that here do we?). 

I don’t want to present myself as an unbeliever, more an explorer.  Like so many, I’m looking around for the truth. As far as Faith goes, I’m a child again.

I’m someone who rejects the God that is presented by that Holy Factory, The Church of England . Their God seems to be nothing more than a huge security blanket.

A security blanket that envelopes most of the ‘true believers’ in a warm and fuzzy haze that keeps them safe from the outside world.


Want to have a closer look at the Church of England and faith?

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