A man without a shed is like…?

shedIn praise of Sheds.

There’s no doubt in my mind that one of life’s greatest woes is a man without a shed. A man without a shed is like a snail without a shell. A wanderer in a desert with no relief from the blazing sun. A man without a shed is quite simply, lost.

Throughout history, before many world-changing events saw the light of day. Many of the men who were to affect our lives forever spent time perusing theirs and our fate, in a shed. A shed is where some of the world’s greatest battles were won. Where some of the greatest speeches were written. In short, where the future was decided.

Great warriors like Atilla the Hun must have had their equivalent of a shed. OK, not so much the wooden structure that some of us have come to know and love but more likely a richly decorated and smallish tent and few yards back from his main abode. A place where he could go to decide, in peace who he would conquer next.

I am a lucky man

…for I have two sheds. I am aware that I am blessed and privileged. For is it not written in the Bible…

‘That the possessor of two sheds shall remain in favour of our Lord our God for all time. For it is here within the interior that he shall give praise to God without disturbance or interruption. And the Lord shall smile down on him the owner of two sheds, forever’.

shed IIUnfortunately, I have fallen behind in the Biblical use of my sheds because they have, thanks to an untidy family, become full of junk. Bicycles, gardening equipment, discarded tools and golf clubs, broken toys, boxes of screws, nails and unidentifiable objects that at one time must have had some use fill my holy space. If one requires any item that is still in use, for example a lawn-mower then whoever that task has fallen to, must clear out the whole space. Lawn-mower found, then they must put the whole junk-heap back again. All without disturbing the wildlife that has settled comfortable, within.

One day I will retrieve my space and rejoice once more in my solitude. But until that day I shall wonder if ‘The Shed’ is purely a British concept? Do our American friends have the equivalent of a shed? And if so do they regard them with such reverence? Where, do they go for peace and quiet? I would like to know. (please comment below).



A possible Trump-shed?

Has Trump spotted the shed as a business opportunity yet? How long will it be before we see, ‘Trump Sheds’, and if we do how long will they last before they disappear into mayhem and bankruptcy?

The mind boggles.

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