Racist? Your Hatred will make you ill.

I want to apologise before I begin. That’s because I guess today’s post could be called preaching. It’s not meant to be. It’s more of a warning and it’s meant sincerely. So…my text today…‘your Hatred will make you ill’.

You know the adage ‘You are what you eat’. Well my warning is sort of on those lines except it’s not about eating, it’s about ‘feelings’. We know that there’s a lot of truth re ‘You are what you eat’. We know, for example, if you live on a total diet of McDonald’s then horrible things will happen to your body.  By the same token, I want to say if you spend most of your time hating, then the same thing. Horrible things will happen to your body.

Let’s say for the sake of argument you are a racist. Let’s take that to it’s lowest level and say that every time you see a black/brown person, something within grows er…’hot’. In other words, your stomach screws up, your blood pressure rises, you see ‘red’.

These feeling alone should tell you that something is wrong. Your body shouldn’t feel like that. It’s unhealthy. The pressure on your vital organs is tremendous. Your heart is beating ten to the dozen and the Adrenalin is flowing. This is not the natural way to be. You should be existing in a state of attempted calm.

Now of course, a state of calm is not possible every hour of the waking day. It’s a preferred state. Something that we should be aiming for. That’s why people practise meditation in all its forms. Attempts to remain calm no-matter what confronts us is the way to be. If that state can be achieved that in turn leads to a healthier body and mind. We know this. Doctors, therapists etc tell us this all the time. However. it’s not easy. And that is why we go to the psychiatrists, we go to find ways of achieving peace and calming down our troubled minds.

Now, back to the racist.

If you are of this mind-set, your blood pressure is going to rise every time you see someone who is different from you. And how many times a day do you see someone different, someone of colour? I guess, all the time, most days, unless you live on a desert island (actually on a desert island you will probably be surrounded by people of colour). Think of what this is doing to you. All that anger. All that bile. It’s not good for you. Your body will be in a constant state of high anxiety. A troubled condition. And that, I say again whether you like it or not is not good for you. It’s obvious. So, accept it, and try to do something about it.

What’s to be done?

Like I said above there’s always meditation. However, I suspect that to be ‘alone’ in your angry state deep into meditation is also not a relaxed condition. After all it is peace you are looking for. Peace and Calm.

I would suggest addressing your concerns, your hatred. Ask yourself the question ‘Why am I like I am’? Be excruciatingly honest with yourself. Go back to the root causes of your hatred, your problem. And ask yourself is it worth the toll that it takes on your body and mind? Can you put a cap on your hatred, your racism?

Now of course, I can’t stop you being a racist. You may have what you feel is good cause to be what you are. I don’t know. What I do know is that negative thoughts do have an effect on your body.  Hatred screws you up (unless you are a psychopath) of that there is no doubt.

Explore. Test yourself. See if it is possible to change. If you can’t or won’t, remember, ‘Your hatred will make you ill’.

Your choice. Good luck.

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