Is Donald Trump the fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse?


Fiddling while Rome burns.

Downhill all the way.

I’ve just been watching the TV news and learning how Europe and other countries plan to return fire on America, re Trump’s tariffs on goods from abroad. I’m like Trump, I’m not a very good businessman either. There is one difference however, unlike Trump I know my limitations and luckily haven’t founded numerous businesses that have gone bust.

So, with that in mind, let me ask the question that was asked yesterday and the day before. The question that will go on being asked until Trump is called to that great Mar-a-largo in the sky…

‘How the hell did America let this happen?’ 

America was always a place that I wanted to visit. As I’ve said in other posts I’ve written, there was something about the American spirit that was exciting. From its shores came innovation and a way of looking at the world that was often quirky and always interesting. That all seems to have changed. Once a country that was welcoming and worth exploring what we have now is mean and violent. It’s as though a dark cloud has formed over the land and its source is the White House and the man they call President.

I find it very hard to believe that a country that has grown strong and wealthy on the back of the migrants who arrived to better themselves, is so hostile to those who ask only to emulate their forefathers. In the most massive case of country-wide amnesia I have ever seen, Americans in their thousands have forgotten their roots. They’ve forgotten where they have come from. One can only imagine their ancestors revolving at high-speed in their graves.

All, this hatred and nasty manipulation emanating from the lips of one man. Trump. Dark forces are at work here. Of course, it’s nothing new. Darkness, in this world has risen periodically throughout history. It seems a given. It’s almost as though it’s written that evil has its turn. And like the last time in our world’s history Evil rose its ugly head, no-body seems to know what to do.

Everyone who is shocked by the turn of events are reduced to a state of helplessness. We can see in plain view those that pander to the ‘new’ order, greasing their palms, smiling while all around them their constituents suffer. We can see their driving forces clearly. Money and Power. And still they stand. kowtowing to their Master’s voice, nodding in agreement even though his instructions are nonsensical. The sad thing, in this case, is the fact that their Master has a track record a mile long. A proven liar and a failed business man many times over. Everybody knows this.

The record shows the trail of disaster Trump has left behind him, and still he comes, laying waste to everything he touches. And it gets worse. This time he is accompanied by his disastrous family. I think the time to ridicule this man and the manner in which he behaves is over. This is an extremely serious business. Time is running out.

America is a shadow of its former self. There are some who say, don’t worry, we have the matter in hand. To those I say, in that case you need to hurry. The rate that America is failing is increasing. The pace of destruction is supernatural

Civil War?

OK, a great many Americans are with their President all the way. I get that. They have signed up to the coldness, the isolation and they couldn’t care less what the world thinks of them. The thing is, the world is bigger than America. And although America alone is an almost impossible thought, at this rate it could happen. 

When it does, like all countries that believe that they can stand alone, there will be turmoil within. The country will break into different factions and History will repeat itself. 


And it came to pass that the fifth rider was called ‘Dumbo’

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