All he wants to do is see his boy but UK Family Law lets him down.

uk family lawNot a family in the usual sense of the word admittedly. In the end, all he wants to do is see his boy but UK family law has let him down.

It’s been a long time since I last witnessed the high levels of injustice and cruelty aimed at my good friend by UK family law. Levels of abuse and maliciousness that go way beyond anything I would have thought possible in a so-called civilised society. Ridiculous, when all he wants to do is spend some time with his young son.

It has to be said, that both he and his ex-partner realise that they made the wrong choice. However, whatever the initial driving force, they somehow, as is often the case, produced a delightful boy child.

People break up…

…of course they do, but for the life of me I cannot understand why one or the other producers of another human life would want to disallow access to a partner to their joint creation.

In my friend’s case (and I say this as a witness), his ex-partner is behaving like a monster. She will not allow him anywhere near his son, her reasoning, baffling. One can only assume she sees their son as some kind of weaponised bargaining tool, the problem being that she has no intention of bargaining. She is malicious. She is downright wicked. Who in their right mind would duplicate my friend’s Christmas present for his boy, thereby hatefully negating the need for my friend to deliver his own gift, which he hoped would be a lovely surprise? What kind of mind thinks like that?

To be honest how my friend has coped I really do not know. On many occasions I have feared for his sanity and asked myself how he able to find the strength to watch his child in the arms of her latest partner? Or how he copes with the threat that the police will be called should he approach?

Where to go?

My friend appears to have no comeback and his situation reeks of injustice. In UK family law there is no longer any financial/legal help for Fathers in my friend’s position. There is now no way he can receive the justice and hearing that he deserves, unless he has money.  The only way to fight this awful injustice is for him to pay.

There was a glint of light when his friends lent him money to go to court, yet at every turn she produces a new charge. Meaning yet another hearing and more expense.She (a recently baptised ‘Christian’) has accused my friend of being a drunk. He is not. It will cost him £400 for a hair strand test to prove his sobriety and then another one to check the first test was OK. Yet more money. More debts to pay. She has now made the dark insinuation (she should be ashamed), that the child would not be safe in my friend’s company.

There is no justice. And perhaps worse,  there is no punishment for those who frustrate his efforts to exercise his Father’s Rights with exaggeration, lies and unexplained bitterness.

For Christ’s sake…all he wants to do is see his boy.

Fathers For Justice.



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